Genesis of the College


  • The college is named after Smt.Velagapudi Durgamba, mother of the chief donor, Smt.Rajeswari  Ramakrishna of Jaypore Sugars,Chagallu.


  •  The college was established in 1983 with B.A &B.Com courses, as per the G.O . M.S.No.376 Dated 12-09-1983 of the Director of Higher Education.


  •  The college has permanent affiliation to the Andhra University, which has sanctioned in the year 1990-91.  As per the orders CII(I)/17247/83 dated  27-04-1991 of the Dean of Collegiate Education of Andhra University.


  •  The college was admitted to UGC under 2(F) &12(B) as per the   Lr. No F8-7/91(CCP) dated:14-03-1992 of under secretary U.G.C New Delhi


  •   In 1998 the college started B.Sc. Computer Science course with  Maths, Physics, Computer Science course and also acquired the permanent  affiliation. CII(3) EXT Affl/1999-2000 Dt 5/11/1999