Institutional and Academic programme


The Academic programme is as follows:


1. Admissions: -


Admissions were done as per the university schedule. There are three courses in this college.

                        B.A                  ---        Politics, Economics, History

                        B.Com              ---        General

                        B.Sc                ---        Maths, Physics, Computers

            Number of Admitted Students


     B.A                  ---        60

                        B.Com              ---        60

                        B.Sc                ---        30


2. College working days & Timings: - 10 a.m to 5 p.m from 5 p.m to 6 p.m Sports


College works in General shift from 10A.M to 5P.M as per the university schedule.

            Total working Days: 254 (as per University Calendar)


                        I term     (16-06-03 to 6-10-03) as per university calender

                        II term    (20-10-03 to 14-02-04)


3. Examinations & Assignments: -


Three unit tests & half yearly, pre-final exam are planned to be conducted for each class.


I Unit test                  ---        July

II Unit test                 ---        September

Half-yearly                 ---        October

III Unit                       ---        November

IV Unit                       ---        December

Pre-final                    ---        February basing on University question paper model.


4. Seminars & Guest Lecturers: -

Seminars will be conducted on Academic matters besides class seminars. Guest Lectures will be arranged during the Academic year.


5. CPDC: -

CPDC meetings will be conducted every month to look after the needs & requirements of the college and to review the progress.


6. Clean & Green: -

             Clean & Green programme will be conducted. The following activities are proposed. 

                        1. Planting seedlings in the campus.

                        2. Improvement of greenery.

                        3. Maintence of Cleanliness- Removel of garbage etc

7. MANA TV: -


Mana TV Programmes will be utilized in an effective manner to the extent possible. The Time Table for these Programmes is incorporated in the general timetable. At present there is no separate room for Mana TV. Students are facing some inconvenience. 


8. Games & Sports: -

Games & sports are active by pursued in this college. The students will be encouraged to participate in the competitions at various levels � local, district, and University & Interuniversity levels. At present we are sending requisition to the secretary, Sports Board, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam to permit us to host A.U. Team selections in various games.


9. Social Service Activities: -


In liaison with the Lion�s Club, Rotary Club of Nidadavole, students will participate in social activities such as


                  1.      Pulse polio 

              2.      Distribution of alms to patients

              3.      Eye camps etc.,

              4.      Blood Donation Camps



10. Academic Annual Plan: -


Academic annual plans are prepared for each and every subject. Teaching notes & diaries are being maintained by every lecturer in their respective subjects. Individual Attendance Register & Marks Register for each subject will be maintained.


11. Red Cross: -

Red Cross activities will be done by the students. The following activities are planned

1.Distribution of alms, fruits etc to the leprosy patients.

2.Blood Donation Camps

3.Distribution of Old Clothes, Blankets, Fruits etc. to the flood / Cyclone Victims


12. Special Coaching to Backward students: -


Special coaching classes will be conducted. Backward students will be identified & they will be given this special coaching.


13. Library: -


 Library facility will be extended to all students. Books will be issued regularly