Social Service Achievements

1. Maintenance of cleanliness of the campus by SSI volunteers

2. Plantation of ornamental and shade giving trees.

3. Regular weeding and cluttering of garden area.

4. Participated in the organization of Blood donation camp
    on 22-12-2003 and 15-10-2004.

 No. of donors      29 in 2003
                         30 in 2004

5. Collected clothes from house holds (350 pairs) and distributed to  poor and sick people in a village of Thimmarajpalem

6. Organized poor feeding for 80 poor leprosy patients in   2002,2003,2004.

7. Participate in the Aids rally on 1-12-2001to 2005 (every year).

8. Participated in pulse polio programme

9. Conducted/organized AIDS exhibition on 28-11-2004 to create  awareness about AIDS among students.

10.Organised guest lectures by social leader and imminent people on personality development and communicative skills ,creativity etc.

11. Organized meeting about empowerment of women.

12.Visited old age women run by Ch.Mrudula