Games and Sports

1.The students of our college showed sterling performance in Games and Sports and got many laurels to the college with the encouragement of the Principal, Physical Director and other staff members. The selections for Andhra University Ball Badminton Team were held in our College and some of our students were selected for the team. We ran 10 days coaching camp for this team in our college taking the cooperation of the staff members and local support.  The team participated in All India Inter University Ball Badminton Tournaments held at Kottayam in Kerala.

2.In the AU Inter Collegiate Games meet our students won Ball Badminton 3rd place.

3.In the Sports and Games Competitions conducted by Rotary Club, Nidadavole, our students won the following places.

              100 meters Running - 1st place
               Long Jump             - 1st place
               Discus Throw         - 1st place
               Shot �Put             - 1st place
               Ball Badminton        - Winners

4.In the Games and Sports competitions for East and West Godavari District students conducted by Rotary club at Kakinada our students got the following places.

    100 meters Running  - 1st place
    Long jump              - 1st place
    Shot Put                - 1st place
    Discus Throw          -1st place
    4x100 meters Relay  - 1st place

5.In the Competitions held by Maitri Police Academy, Nidadavole our college students won the Championship for having got the maximum number of prizes. Whenever need arises, students are being selected and sent to participate in various Games and Sports Events.