Courses Sanctioned

       As per the G.O. MS.No. 376, Dated 12-09-1983, the college has started with one section each in I year B.A. and B.Com, Courses and one of the three optioned subjects may be restructured course as approved by the University.   

       B.Sc., (M.P.C)- Maths, Physics, Chemistry
            (C.B.Z)- Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
  Sanctioned Rc. No. 439/Admn I-1/2008, Dated: 18.09.2008

I Year (1983-84)

II Year (1984-85)

III Year (1985-86)

I B.A.



   I B.Com

    II B.Com

    III B.Com

    In 1998 the College has started B.Sc., Computer Science course, with the combination of Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science as per the G.O.MS. No. 238 Education Dt. 09-09-97 in the R.C. No.2440/GC 11-02-97 dated 08-10-1997 of the Collegiate Education, AP Hyderabad.

I Year (1998-1999)

II Year (1999-2000)

III Year(2000-2001)

I B.Sc.

II B.Sc.



           The University Affiliation was extended to B.Sc. Course in        1999- 2000 As per the orders of the Registrar in his letter No.C-II (3) EXT.Affl/99-2000 dated 05-11-1999.