Class Rooms

Classroom is the predominant need of every educational institution.  The future of any student builds up in the classroom.  The classrooms are nine in member and they very spacious.  Every room can provide space for 80 to 100 students.  The classrooms are well equipped with wooden benches and desk.  In every classroom there are large blackboards.  There are 4 sets of tube lights and there are also air-circulators.  Because of the larger windows these rooms are very bright and well ventilated.

Every student can visualize and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and splendid nature from every classroom.  That is why every one wants to spend their time in their class rooms.

 The classrooms are very convenient to the lectures also.  Every lecturer can observe each and every student and he/she can easily control the discipline. Both the teacher and taught can get maximum benefit of these nice and marvelous classrooms.