Computer Laboratory

All of us know the World Wide importance and the unique place of computer science in Education to day� World is Computer-Computer is World� to day�s slogan.  With out computer knowledge, we cannot attain the all round growth and we could not competent to face the globe.      

The lab is very spacious, provided with 25 computers and with two computer science lecturers.  Each student is provided with a computer.  The lab has two fans, battery for controlling the power supply, fire extinguisher.  So that we can prevent fire accidents.  There are 30 chairs in the lab.  There are 3 printers. Students are very much interested in Computer Education and their results are increasing every year.  Being a well-furnished room with beautiful ceiling, smooth surface of the flooring, Blue glass windows creating a pleasant atmosphere inside, which helps the students for the presence of mind in their lessons.  The computer lab is a credit to the college, queen of the building and an asset to the students.We are training & guiding the students to face the global challenges in their future