"The library is a store house of knowledge".  The library is located in the main building and it is the heart of main building.  Regular habit of reading gives extraordinary opportunities to the students.  The library in this college is well equipped. The students are getting the maximum benefit of the library.  The books section in the library is in 12X8 yards.  There are two exits to the library.  There are five windows and because of these large windows the ventilation in this room is good.  For lighting purpose there are double tube lights at various places.  The air-circulators are at food working conditions.

 There are 4 godrez almarahs with glass-doors.  There are two ordinary godrez almarahs, wooden almariahs are 5.  There are also 3 small almariahs.  The wooden almariahs with glass doors are 6. There are 8 wooden almariahs with wooden doors.  And also there are big or huge iron racks for books.

There are 3 reading tables for students for comfortable reading for the students for comfortable reading.  The library is very spacious and it is very comfortable for both students and teaching staff.  There are 10 fiber chairs for teaching staff and 24 chairs for students.  There is an office table, which is very useful for the librarian for his work.  There are 3 small tables for writing purpose.

1.Area=12 X 8 yards (Book section)
2.Area=12 X 8 yards (Reading room)
3.Book section has two exits  - 5 windows
4.Lighting � Double lights are arranged at 4 places
5.Air circulator- Two ceiling fans and on pedestal fan
6.Almirahs-Iron a) Godrez(glass door)  -4
                     b)Godrez ordinary  -2
                     c) Almirah   -5
                     d)Small Almirah  -3
                     e)Almirahs wooden With glass doors  -6     Wooden Doors  -9
 7.Racks     Iron Big -6 Small-2  Wooden -8
 8. Reading tables -1 with sunglass
 9. Reading tables in Reading Room -2
 10.Office table for the librarian  -1
 11.Small tables for writing purpose -3
 12.Chairs   For Staff    -10  For students    -24

Reference Books:

  Encyclopedia Brianica (complete set)
  Oxford Dictionary
  Chambers Dictionary
  Telugu Dictionary
  Hindi Dictionary
  Office reference books and are also available
  So far 14 periodicals are subscribing

  For career Guidance:
   Employment News
   Udyoga sopanam
   Competition success
   Computer Science magazine
   Yojana,Vivek and Analysis

  For recreation:
   Andhra Bhoomi
   Wonder World and Telugu Vidyadhi

  Ennadu(by gift)