Principal Room

                                                           Principal With District Officials

The principal's room in SVD collage for women is very well planned.  The room is very spacious and it is also well equipped.  One can look the entire college premises from this room.  The room is air-conditional.  And also there is a computer in this room.  The room is large enough the 20 to 25 members can attend for meetings.  The room is located in the main building of the college.  The atmosphere in the room is very pleasant.  The room is very calm and peaceful so that the principal can work with enthusiasm in spite his hard ships.  The principal can easily find out from the windows, who is entering and going in to the college.There are 15 to 20 fiber chairs and those are very useful to sit in. There is also refrigerator in this room. There is a board, which shows the names of the previous principals and their period of work.  In addition to A.C there are two fans.  The ventilation is fine.

            Because of the above modernized facilities and comports, the principal's room is said to be a great asset to this college